Arma 3 - KOS Training Server

Custom KoS Mission for Training Events

Mod List:

Recommended Launcher Parameters

These improve startup speed of the game quite a bit


How to Install Mod List

  1. Download and extract above ZIP file (to your desktop, or somewhere easy to find)
  2. Open Arma 3 Launcher
  3. Click "Mods"
  4. Click "Preset" on top right
  5. Click "Import" on bottom right
  6. Choose .html file that was extracted in step 1
  7. If it asks if you want to subscribe to mods, click "Subscribe"
  8. Wait for mod downloads to finish
  9. Click "Play with Mods" on bottom left

How to Join the Server

  1. Click "Play with Mods" from launcher
  2. Hover over "Multiplayer" at top of screen, click "Server Browser"
  3. Click "Direct Connect" at top of screen
  4. Enter below details, click "Join"
  5. Server should show up in the server browser, double click to join and enter password (Get from Discord)
  • Address:
  • Port: 2302
  • Password: Ask @Woof on Discord